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Milton Township S.A.L.T. is a program of Milton Township, DuPage County, Illinois.

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Equifax Breach:  Further Information
To explain terms in the latest Communicator, a credit freeze allows you to "freeze" your credit report at each of the three credit bureaus, preventing any credit access outside of your own approval.  It would cost you a small amount to freeze. and later take the freeze off. 

A credit fraud alert placed with each credit bureau allows you to place an alert for any new credit opened, but expires after 90 days and would need to be renewed.  

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TheCommunicator is a quarterly publication of Milton Township's S.A.L.T. Council - find scam reports and other useful information. More.. 

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The wonderful volunteers who led our 2017 Annual Auto Inspection for Seniors

This site is a library of senior resources, some from guest speakers at the monthly meeting, others shared by seniors themselves or those work with seniors.

Use "Resources for YOU" buttons to find service providers and programs which might help YOU stay safe, learn new information about senior resources in Milton Township, DuPage County, and the state of Illinois.

                                 October 11, 10 am

​At the October meeting we welcomed  Kathy Fezzuollo of Travanse Living and Pat Keplinger of Downsizing by Design.  

There can be several reasons why seniors downsize. Most wish to move to a smaller home. The decision to downsize one's home can be very demanding physically and emotionally.  One of the most challenging aspects of downsizing is packing and deciding what to move and what to throw away or sell​.

​Pat discussed the key issues seniors should considered in downsizing and will provide helpful ideas on how to avoid certain pit falls in the downsizing process.

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