Seniors And Law-enforcement Together

Communicating Health & Safety Information to Seniors

Milton Township S.A.L.T.

Safety & Communication Resources for Seniors

Safety Resources

If you need an officer to come to you dial 9-1-1

Non-emergency Phone Numbers:

click on department type to go to their page

Glen Ellyn 

   Police:  630-4691187

   Fire:  630-469-5265


   Police: 630-260-2161

   Fire:  630-260-2175

DuPage County Sheriff 

   Non-emergency phone: 630-682-7256

FBI – Be Crime Smart

Elder Care - elder abuse or exploitation - 

Home Security Surveys
Sheriff's deputies will perform home security surveys for the residents of unincorporated DuPage County on request. A deputy will examine your residence, both inside and out, for conditions that may make it a target for burglars and discuss ways you can better prevent break-ins.

Guardian Program          
Guardian is a computerized phone system that calls registered members on prearranged days and times to verify that they are okay.

DuPage County Sheriff's Lock Box Program - 

The program will provide Law Enforcement a way to gain entry into the home of the participant to expedite access during a life threatening emergency.  It will also allow residents, in cases when forcible entry would otherwise be necessary, to avoid property damage.

A key to your residence is stored in a lock box and then placed outside of your home.  In the event of an emergency, the key code and location of the lock box is dispatched electronically to the responding deputy, who could then access your residence at a time of need.

Cost is $30.00. All DuPage seniors, the disabled, or those with medical or special needs can participate in this program.

Contact the Sheriff's Office at 630-407-2400 for a registration form.

Communication Resources

SafeLink Wireless   
Low Income Wireless and Phones


Information for 1st responders  

AT&T Lifeline 

Low Income Phone Service   


Phones for the Hearing Impaired

[Title 4 ADA means these phones are free]

911 Cell Phone Safety Program
The Cell Link program provides cellular telephones to senior citizens who may not have the funds or need to purchase one. The phones are programmed to dial only 911 and cannot make or receive any other calls. All cellular 911 calls are received at the Sheriff's Office. 

Applicants for the program must be 62 years of age or older, OR younger than 62 but have a physical or mental disability AND not own a cellular phone.